Woot don’t if anyone will read this, but if you do hi. It’s strange I’m always posting on facebook, to the point where I think people are getting fed up with me lol. 
I real have no idea what that blog will be about apart from it will be about random stuff. I’m rubbish sticking at subjects, really I am. 



3 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. I never check my reader because ‘d never get to leave the house, so still can’t follow you until you put the follow by email button up from Widgets!

    You could write about living with dyslexia, Doctor Who and all sorts of other fun stuff! I shall of course, pimp you out to my followers x

  2. Welcome to WordPress. I am a friend of Gemma Wright and she asked her friends on FB to visit your page, so here I am. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience and you’ll find it’s a bid addictive, especially when you start getting visitors leaving comments and likes: it’s a wonderful way to get things off your chest and to share experiences with like-minded people.

    I do remember Changing Rooms and Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen and it used to make me laugh too. Using the Tardis for weird decorating? That’s a noble idea! It might catch on! But I did like Matt Smith, though, and I am sorry to see him go.

    Best of luck with your blog. I think you’ll find that if you follow other people, they might follow you back. 🙂

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