School Days.

Okay growing up I was bullied. I had and still have a bad lisp and I’m dyslexic, so one thing you don’t want believe it or not is a super left wing parents who were obsessed with social rights, or certainly they were for the eightys anyway.


My dad who was super cool now in my adult eyes (R.I.P Dad) would never buy me expensive trainers, why because he said he was paying £80 out on trainers that was made for pennies and probably by young kids works for a few pence a day. So I always landed up with unbranded trainers which the other kids teased me for. And to make things worst my dad used to drive a little three wheeler car, all the other kids used to tease me that our family car only had three wheels.


My parents used to say the other kids were jealous, but what did they have to be jealous about. Couldn’t my parents be like the popular kids parents who forked out on expensive stuff they didn’t need and couldn’t sleep at night over how much debt they were in…. I get my parents point now.  


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