The Woman Doctor.

I still think the next Doctor should be a woman, and it should be me.
Some Villian: “You’re a girl.
Me: So?
SV: And you have a stupid flipping speech problem!
Me: Get the flip over it mother trucker! (And then I will sonic them, because I will also be bad ass)

I jest of course, but they is rumours afoot it could be a woman. I also heard the Doctor could also be different race other then white. Both would be cool. If it’s a woman though I hope they have a better writer then Moffet, he writes some great plots but I don’t think he’s that great at writing women characters. To me both Amy and Clara seem very Mary-Sue like to me. Like Moffet is writing text book female characters that he think women would like.

Both of them are very pretty, who are slightly sassy. I don’t find neither of them annoying but to me they just don’t seem real. At least their not like Mel who was with the sixth Doctor. Gosh I could have strangled her lol.



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