Fathers Day

I really miss my Dad who passed away a few years ago. He was always trying to make people laugh, with his lame jokes. I always remember how when we did the weekly shop to the supermarket and he was dancing to some cheesy song that was playing. I remember feeling red faced by his antics, but he was always there for my sister and I. 

When I here about kids who never see their dads it makes me think how lucky I was to have my Dad. He was a goof ball, sometimes I would feel a little red faced but looking back he was a great Dad. Always joking, being somewhere between a very wise old man and a naughty school boy.

I never remember him drinking, apart from a shot of whisky at Christmas, and I never remember him swearing. Him and my Mum were soul mates, and I never saw them have a full blown fight. 

He had high morals, and I remember as a child when he lost his job he wouldn’t sign on. Even though I wanted the free meals at school because we got milk lol. In that time with little money was probably the best time of my life. He got rid of the TV because we couldn’t afford the licence, but the nights were spent playing bored games, or listening to my sister reading. 

Anyway rest in peace Dad, I’m sure if there’s an after life you are causing mayhem.

Love you Dad XXX


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