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The Woman Doctor.

I still think the next Doctor should be a woman, and it should be me.
Some Villian: “You’re a girl.
Me: So?
SV: And you have a stupid flipping speech problem!
Me: Get the flip over it mother trucker! (And then I will sonic them, because I will also be bad ass)

I jest of course, but they is rumours afoot it could be a woman. I also heard the Doctor could also be different race other then white. Both would be cool. If it’s a woman though I hope they have a better writer then Moffet, he writes some great plots but I don’t think he’s that great at writing women characters. To me both Amy and Clara seem very Mary-Sue like to me. Like Moffet is writing text book female characters that he think women would like.

Both of them are very pretty, who are slightly sassy. I don’t find neither of them annoying but to me they just don’t seem real. At least their not like Mel who was with the sixth Doctor. Gosh I could have strangled her lol.



Weird Dreams.

I had a weird dream that Doctor Who was real, but I wasn’t his companion I was the Masters, and the Masters Tardis was all gothic, it looked like crypt. He also looked like Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. I drank the Master blood and become a Time (What the flip dream mind Timelords aren’t vampires) I was also a man in this dream, and pretty evil.
Just thought how I had that weird dream where Laurence Llewelyn Bowen was the Master, wouldn’t it be funny if he was the 12th Doctor. Changing Rooms on the Tardis. Lets rip everything out and paint it red. Laurence used to like painting things red, while wearing leather trousers. I’m sure there’s a fetish somewhere in there lol. 

That should so be a parody, but I bet a lot of people can’t remember Changing Rooms. It was a program where two friends redecorated a room in each others houses with the help of quite often a interior designer who would never listen to what they wanted. Then every thing would be ripped out and painted red, someone would cry and the friends would never talk to each other again.